Sunday, 22 November 2015

Vivid dreams

An unknown circuit
For many years, I have had vivid dreams - and still do - some are nice, others are scary like the one I had two nights ago, but that's another story.

This story concerns a motorcycle racing track. I admit I'm a motorbike fan. One of my dreams was to own either an AJS!pre-74-stormer/imqjf, BSA, or Greeves, but money and ill-health got in my way. 

In this dream the rider in racing down a hill with banks on either side covered by trees, at the bottom there is a sharp right-hand bend. That is how I know it's a motorcycle track, not a track used for car racing as a car wouldn't be able to make the turn.

I have researched the topic for many years to no avail. My first thought was Knickerbrook at Oulton Park but the track is flat and my dream clearly showed a downhill section through woods. 

After many years, I came to the conclusion that the track is not a composite - as many of my dreamscapes - but a totally fictitious track.

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