Sunday, 15 November 2015

The Times They Are A Changing

My reasons for leaving Facebook

I have many reasons, and not all are known

 With the growing antisemitism on Facebook, I came to the conclusion that I am better leaving a site which supports Jew-hating. 

Antisemitism is the latest reason. I have been thinking about leaving for months. Facebook does nothing for my blogs or sales. Each day, I used to add four or five blogs to my profile and for what? Five or six readers, in the end the site became useless to me - I do better on Google and Klout.

The Times They Are A Changing 
 They certainly are changing times. Two years ago, a lady I had the unfortunate happenstance of knowing threatened to have me reported and ejected from Facebook for comments about her - at that time, I pleaded to stay on - I ran a small help page for a few writers. Now, the tide has turned and I am walking away.

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