Tuesday, 17 November 2015

The mind is a city

Imagination can be good, but be careful

The mind is like a city, some roads lead to pleasant dreams, and others are blocked for our safety. 

For as long as I've written stories, I wondered did I have a weird mind that fed on coffee, or was I just a good storyteller? 

In recent times, I have cut back on my caffeine intake, but this hasn't stopped the weird dreams.  I shall have to remember not to watch my favorite programs like #Fringe#X-Files#Warehouse 13 and #Supernatural immediately before I go to bed. 

Last night was another night with a weird dream, I dreamt I had a large cat attached to my right arm, but nobody could see it, even though I could feel its teeth and claws digging in. Rather like when #Jonas Quinn saw the creatures from another dimension in #Stargate SG1.

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