Monday, 16 November 2015

Strange - but true

A spooky story
I have always been a lover of cats, but not all of my furry companions have loved me.

One such was my stepson's kitten "Fluff," she was a tabby with a temper, that she usually took out on me.

From the time we met, until shortly before she died, she never liked me. Her attitude changed in the last year of her life, not because she was older but for one weird instance, that I cannot explain. 

 The cats  - Fluff and her mother, Softy - had the lower floor to themselves on a nighttime, and we slept in the master bedroom, the room furthest away from the kitchen.  

 On the night in question, we were fast asleep - when to my dying day - I will swear I heard my name called. The call was so clear it woke me with a chill. 

I dashed downstairs, to find Fluff trapped beneath an ironing board, the dislodged board had fallen across her back and trapped her against a wall. She had a severely damaged spine but lived for about another year. From that day, we were friends.

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