Wednesday, 18 November 2015

NOT recommended

From time to time, my friend Julia will ask me to evaluate software, and I am happy to oblige as she has helped me a lot.

 I can say in all honesty Grammarly is the best editing tool I have used. It is far better than Microsoft Word, and for the little extra you pay, you get far better value and something that is easy to use. 

 At the other end of the rope is Futureproof - I can not recommend this software. 

From the outset, the program looked cheap and gimmicky. The system relies on you visiting various lists to perform the most minor of changes.

Word/ phrase changing
 On FP, you need to run a line through the words and access a list of options to delete the phrase. Most people are capable of backspacing, and what you miss Grammarly will delete at a click.

If you want to change the words in a phrase, you can circle them and access another list of options. Grammarly will not only do this for you but sometimes give you a variation of phrases to choose. 

Grammarly is so good that once installed it continually checks for even minor errors in spelling, grammar, and repeated words. 

In all honesty, not only can I not recommend FP, I'd advise staying away from this software - if you can't afford the extra - stay with Word.

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