Thursday, 26 November 2015

Native America

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Cold Lake Air Base
 One of my interests is #NativeAmerican #Arts and #History and many years ago the interest landed me in trouble - mainly because the person I was with didn't understand what I said, and thought I had Shamanic abilities. I never told you her that I did. She made the leap from me saying I liked the art and respected their religious outlook to thinking I was a Shaman.

 Tonight, I was watching an episode of the series Supernatural called Bugs. In the episode, Sam and Dean meet with a Native American to discuss the history of a patch land and find out it is cursed. 

When I see a Native American actor/actress, my interest takes over, and I research their lineage as much as I can. The man in the episode is, he was born on the Cold Lake Reservation in Alberta and died two years ago in Edmonton

I thought I recognised the name Cold Lake, I should, in 2009 I took the header photo at the gates of the Air Base. The base is only a short ride from Bonneville, where my late friend's daughter, Marge lives. 

Believe me, the lake is worthy of its name, one of my last photos of my trip to Canada was of the icy fingers of winter encroaching along the lake's edges.

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