Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Merry Christmas

I know it's premature but
I realise Yuletime is a good month away, I thought I'd say Merry Christmas now as I probably won't be online until the New Year - if then.

If, and that is a big IF, I return I'll probably have a new philosophy on selling. My new selling strategy will is going to be based on the lowest common denominator, gone will be decent pictures on the covers and engrossing stories with character development

In will be, tacky covers and stories of graphic sex containing little substance. The philosophy of it sells, write it. Instead of trying to write something I'm proud of I'll chase the dollar signs.

What I'm doing will leave a nasty taste in my mouth, and an emptiness in the pit of my stomach, but hey if it sells, why bother about the after-effects? 

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