Friday, 20 November 2015

Into the unkown

Is there life beyond our galaxy?

I forget which well-known scientist said he thought our planet is the only one with life - as we know it - in existence. This statement coming from a man with a high reputation in the world of science is fantastic in its arrogance. 

There are so many factors to consider, not least is that we know so little about our galaxy and the world of astronomy is ever expanding our knowledge of our surrounding
The subject of science is too vast to believe we are the only life in the galaxy. If that was the case, what is hidden in Area 51, and why is it still top secret?  How do you explain the Nazca lines or doppelgangers

Last year, I started to write a sci-fi-themed series of short stories that have to date sold 600 e-books If there was no belief in life beyond what we know why does George Lucas keep bringing out Star Wars films, and why did Star Trek make Gene Roddenberry a multi-millionaire. To think we are they only life among the stars is banally stupid beyond belief. In my opinion there has to be life in the galaxy. There are too many unknown things that have occurred here for there not to have been outside help. For instance, the city built into a rock face in the Andes.

If there is no life outside our galaxy, why did the pick up a massive energy blast from deep in unexplored space, and why are still exploring space?  Science advances, and with it, our knowledge of the universe, in my lifetime science, has progressed from the stage where a moon walk went from global news to only making news if there is a disaster on a mission. Also in my lifetime, mobile phones have gone from sci-fi to children changing them almost monthly.

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