Tuesday, 24 November 2015

In the name of Progress

A concept of realising that you have made a forward movement - like hell it is! 

 My advancement in writing style has led me to have to re-write - NOT EDIT - past stories. How is that progress? I end up with more work than I can handle, and for what?

Today, I spent over three hours trying to edit my new Chronicles of Mark Johnson e-book, only to find it would be easier just to scrap the idea and start over. That means re-writing over 40 pages - some progress! 

 Forget it, over 550 e-books sold in 18 months and not a word of thanks. Really, trashy as it is, I am considering putting out the e-book as it stands - or at least as it does when it's finished - why should I care what anyone thinks about my writing? After all, all you pay is loose change for months of work.

 The next time you consider complaining, consider how long the writer took to write the book against the meagre amount you paid. To give you an idea, I'm considered by some to be a bestseller and I don't make enough for a coffee and a roll in a month.

So, if you buy a book from my stock - I'll wait until I stop laughing to continue - remember if it looks trashy, you paid less than the price of a coffee for weeks of work - did you expect Tolstoy?

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