Wednesday, 25 November 2015

I tried last night

Sex - one area I can't write
 People will tell you there are areas that some writers can't write. I thought there may be genres I couldn't write, and I am correct- I tried - last night in a desperate attempt to get some sales, I tried to write a sex story, and I failed to maintain my interest. 

Three years ago, I was offered a contract to write for a sex publisher in Miami; the staff was keen to have me on board having read my posts about my ebook Sexual Explosions 1 The cover on this post was for another erotic romance I had planned for a couple in another story, but I never wrote the story.

At the time, I had my doubts about not only writing for them but what they were asking. I have no qualms about having sexual content in my stories. A Sailor's Love is highly erotic in parts, but that is my point, the sections are part of a larger story, not the story.

Since turning down the contract offer, I have second guessed myself at every turn - did I make the right choice? I thought I had made the right choice, but as time passed and I saw the success of other writers, I kept taunting myself - was I right back then? 

Friends have regularly told me that if I'm questioning the decision now, in my mind I knew I made the correct choice. Another reason for refusing was I thought writing cheap sex stories would leave a bad taste and an emptiness in my gut - I was right about that, last night proved one and for all that I can't write sex stories; erotic romances, yes.

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