Thursday, 19 November 2015

Does it matter?

I sit in my chair, writing these blogs for you to read, and the constant thoughts running through my mind are - Does it matter what I write? People will read almost anything as long as it's free.

I accepted many things this year; some are good while others are not. 

I came to accept that while I may be a good writer - I must be good, the blog gets over 350 readers a day - people are unwilling to buy my e-books. This proves my earlier thought that people will read this as long as it's free. 

I am trying to regain the confidence I once had with my writing ability. This will be a long and perilous road, always in the back of my mind are the recent failings - perhaps they'll make my writing sharper and more intense; something that was shown with the interest in my recent excerpt from a new story. Again, this proves nothing to me, I had lots of interest in Chronicles of Mark Johnson, and people asking when A Sailor's Love was going to be published - only for both books to die.

Reader interest in the blog posts is no judge of sales, another item I quickly came to accept. 

I used to get asked "What would yo say to a new writer?" 
I used to reply, "Be yourself, not a copy of yourself."
Now, my reply as a #bestselling #indie #scifi #writer would probably be "Forget it! Writing is a dying art, you sweat and toil for years, only to be rejected."

 Proving my point that writing is dying is easy. I am classed as a bestseller by my friends. The term is relative as I only made $100 in the last 18 months. 

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