Sunday, 22 November 2015

A mystery from my RAF days

I never found rhyme or reason
 Shortly before leaving RAF Lossiemouth, in Scotland, for my overseas posting to RAF Laarbruch, in Germany I received a parcel from RAF Cottesmore The arrival of the package in itself was a mystery but to get one from Cottesmore was even more mysterious.

 The first question I was asked was "Who did I know at Cottesmore?" 
 The answer is nobody. 

At the time, I had a book listing airfields in the UK, before I confided in my book I asked the Corporals and our Sgt. if they knew where RAF Cottesmore was, nobody had the slightest idea. 

 Being a bit of a history buff, I had some idea of the location of the former USAAF bases in Norfolk, so RAF Coltishall wouldn't have surprised me - I did have a friend posted there.  

 The package turned out to be some clothing. Who sent the package, how they got my name, or where I was stationed I never knew.

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