Friday, 30 October 2015

Kolchak and Johnson

An unknown story
My friends will tell you that my mind never rests, I'm always trying to think of new stories. This is a case in mind.

Carl Kolchak 
#Kolchak is one my favourite TV series of the 70s'. The story of the down-at-heel news reporter who chased demons, only to lose his story because he had to destroy the evidence to survive. 

The character of Kolchak inspired the writing of my award-winning e-book Chronicles of Mark Johnson The clothing of the character, shabby and worn is how I depicted Phil Moore, Marks' friend. The concept of Kolchak as a demon hunter inspired the lead character in my series.

Chronicles of Mark Johnson
Mark Johnson, the ex-photographer - was moulded on the character of Carl Kolchak as much as myself. His unending belief in the demons he chased - despite outside pressure to quit - is the same as Marks' desire to combat the evil witch, Annette Palmer, in what would have been book 3 in the series. 

Kolchak and Johnson
Known to only two people - other than myself - last year, I started on a story to combine both Carl Kolchak and Mark Johnson. My friends who read the opening said it was a good start to what could be an interesting story, but the story got no further. With no interest in my book, I didn't see the point in doing another of the same genre.

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