Saturday, 24 October 2015

Janies' return

Gothic horror
I realise my readers may be tired of me saying this, but you never fail to amaze me. 

Janies' return
Last night is a good example a story I thought would never sell sold its first copy. Janies' return is an old-fashioned ghost story with a story to tell beyond the story you read.

The idea
 a few years ago, I entered the story in a contest for an anthology magazine. The story didn't fare well, and was rejected; the editors of Chuffed Books didn't think the ending had the right twist in the tail. With the rejection behind me, I put the e-book up for sale; never imagining it would sell. 

Holding Richmond
A similar fate befell another story of mine, Holding Richmond was rejected for being too short to enter a contest. The end result - I put the e-book for sale, and it became my Amazon bestseller.

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