Friday, 30 October 2015

I'm a criminal,

Or at least I'm made to feel like one.

The crime
My crime is being poor, white and disabled in the UK. 

The Punishment
For the last seven months, various members of Bristol City Council have been harassing my family. Rarely a month has passed without one council member giving us a problem. Normally, the council are hard-pressed to send a heating engineer once a year for a five-minute check. This year, they haven't stopped since March.

The cause
My stepson couldn't be bothered to take his daughter to school for three days after her mother left her with him after a weekend visit. The school phoned the mother and got no reply. So, they called the Social Services who paid us a visit; then they rang the Council.

The reason for the harassment
 Under the pretence of improving our home and bringing it up to modern requirements, the council have done everything short of evicting the family.

The truth
 They want us out of the house and they want to replace us with either an Asian, coloured, or Polish family. 

Words that came true
 Several years ago, Bristol had a Muslim Lord Mayor. In his opening speech he said I want to do more for my people. MY PEOPLE, he didn't say he was going to improve the city, or he was going to improve the city or our city. The inclination is as clear now, as it was at the time. He wants more Muslims in the city and he got his wish.

Within a year, a new housing estate was built, over 800 houses and not one white family. All the houses went to Muslim families.

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