Friday, 23 October 2015

A modern Salem

A witch hunt 
From the start I'll let you know, I am NOT a supporter of Hilary Clinton. If  I were a US citizen, I'd be voting for Bernie Sanders

Benghazi Committee
Last night's hearing was little more than a witch hunt devised by the Republican party to discredit Mrs. Clinton. They have spent over $4.7 billion dollars on various inquests, and what have they gained? Nothing.

Donald Trump
 In my view, the desperate attempt to further discredit Mrs. Clinton shows how desperate they are. The Republicans have finally realised with Donald Trump as their leading candidate; they are heading for disaster. Second in the race is Ben Carson, he may be a good doctor, but he's no politician - Putin, and the others, would have him for breakfast. 

The weakness of the party is shown by how far ahead DT is in the polls. If they were a strong party, there would be serious challenges to his position as there is in the Democratic party between the two biggest rivals. 

 I watched the first round of talks and was amazed at the banality of the discussions. Rather than try to push their point, most of the Republicans were sniping at each other. How can you win, if all you do is take cheap shots at each other? One of the biggest culprits - if not the biggest - was DT.

Democratic debate 
 Okay, it was the Hilary and Bernie show. From a UK perspective, the Democrats have the best politicians - no matter who wins. Mrs Clinton has a lot to answer for but last night was nothing more than a witch hunt, and a further waste of taxpayers money.

Like her or loathe her, you have to admit, she is right this was a put-up job and proved nothing, other than the election is all but over.

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