Saturday, 17 October 2015


George Orwell

Wilfred Greatorex

George Orwell 
 While the world waited to find out if Orwell's perception of the future would come to pass in 1984. A more insidious future unfolded before our eyes. 

Wilfred Greatorex
The writer Wilfred Greatorex foresaw a future when the papers are controlled by corporations, and free thought is a criminal offense

If you don't believe this is happening, read the headlines in the press. Israel gets blamed for defending her borders while Palestine can launch as many attacks as it likes without penalty.

US Congress
If you are to believe the press, Hilary Clinton leads the polls in the United States Democratic elections; mainly because her figures are provided by her financial backers. Independent reports will tell you she trails Bernie Sanders by over 40% in most areas. 

Bristol city council
In my life, this year has been traumatic with endless visits from various sectors of Bristol City Council. Barely a month goes by when we don't get at least one visit from some official. Before this year, nobody cared about us - we're poor, white and disabled - now, they can't leave us alone. 

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