Thursday, 10 September 2015

The time has come to accept the inevitable

Ehlers-Danlos syndrome

The day has arrived
 Ehlers-Danlos syndrome 
 Many years ago I was informed by a specialist that I had EDS is a muscle wasting inherited disorder, the syndrome is incurable and irreversible. 

Acceptance and desire.
 Unlike some people I didn't get angry - I didn't see the reason for anger - I had inherited the illness from my mother, along with other genetic flaws (I found out later). Nothing I could do would change anything, I had to accept what I had and fight on. 
 I told my friends and family I would continue to walk as long ans the Lord permitted me to, and I have. 

 While I was in the Royal Air Force, I injured my left tendon playing hockey. I didn't think any more about the injury until four years ago when the tendon tore.
I knew I was running on a limited time frame before the tendon tore, the tendon is like an elastic band and mine had been pulled too tight. I realised at some time in the near future my right tendon would tear as well. 
The irony is only a few months before the tendon tore I decided to take the weight off my right ankle, I was worried because I saw some swelling on the lower leg. I said to my wife that I was worried my ankle would give on me; what I was talking about was the joint, not the tendon.
The extra pressure plus a heavy summer's workload moving concrete posts and digging the garden proved too much for my tendon, and one rainy Friday in July 2011, the tendon tore.

Fighting the good fight
 I said I'd walk as long as I was permitted to, and I have, but today I am forced to accept that the time to accept I need a wheelchair has arrived. I'm not complaining, I did the injury over 35 years ago. Not giving into the injury allowed me to see places, and people I would not have had the chance to if I'd given in.

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