Saturday, 12 September 2015

Rivers of Blood

Enoch was right


 In 1976, Enoch Powell warned that if immigration wasn't controlled the UK would be overrun. Tony Blair's policy of allowing EU criminals to enter the UK and recommit crimes opened Pandora's box. Today, the UK finds itself in a situation where Muslim gangs run riot on our streets and the police can't touch them for being called racist pigs. 

Rotherham riots 
 This video was shot earlier this week in Rotherham, West Yorkshire. Now who is to say we weren't warned.

 I fully approve of the message sent by the people of Hungary We have armed police and soldiers, cross our borders and risk death. Also the Bishop of Hungary has said the Pope is wrong, the Muslims have no right to expect any country to pay for their upkeep, while they plot to bring the west to its knees with wanton terrorism. This isn't a refugee issue, people on the run from violence don't waste food by throwing it on railway tracks and don't make cut-throat gestures. Have no doubt - THIS IS A MUSLIM INVASION.

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