Wednesday, 9 September 2015

My best sellers keep selling

Forgestriker at 18 months

Sons of Baal
It is hard for me to comprehend, but almost two years ago I wrote the opening story, Sons of Baal, in what became a hit series At the time I hadn't written any Sci-Fi, and I was wary of posting books on such an education based store as Barnes & Noble. My decision, to go ahead turned out to be a turning point in my writing journey. 

 Back then, I was lucky to sell more than a book a month on Amazon - nothing has changed in that retrospect - my reputation was for writing ghost stories.


In my mind the success of the second book in the series - Forgestriker - is connected to it being the title of the series. The book was written less than a month after SoB, and has not been my best seller only once in its 18 month time span - that was when it was deposed by SoB.

Return of the Lost 
The third book in the series - Return of the Lost - is the last of the series to gain major sales. In comparison, the ratio of sales between the pairings of Forgestriker/SoB, and SoB/ RotLis constant at 2:1. Beyond these books, the other four books barely amassed sales equal to Forgestriker.

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