Friday, 25 September 2015

Burned out

The time has arrived

No surprises for me

It comes as no surprise to me to find myself burned out. What surprises me is that it took so long to reach this stage, for some months the urge has been getting less and has now gone dead. 

Respite breaks
 Sometimes have a rest can work for me, I don't think it will clear this malaise. My problem is that despite the massive success of  my e-book Forgestriker nothing else has sold, which leads me to doubt my ability as a writer. 

 With this month beating last month's sales and heading to setting a new monthly high for sale, I should be raring to write, but I can't get started. 

 A lot of the malaise started and continues on from the non-selling e-novella A Sailor's Love. The book took fourteen months to write and never sold; add to that the non-selling award-winning Chronicles of Mark Johnson and you see where I'm coming from.

The long road 
 The road in the photo was taken en-route to Kikano, Alberta during my stay with my late friend Faye Dupre. As you see, it is a long, straight road.

When I started I was told it could take up to ten years to get noticed. Even with the HUGE SALES for Forgestriker I feel like I'm travelling this road. A long road with no sign of any change, no light at the end of the tunnel. My friends will say I'm jumping the gun considering my 560 sales for the series of Forgestriker but most (about 75%) are for the e-book Forgestriker. I keep being told to hang in there, your time will come. I think either it won't come, or it did and I passed the opportunity up in 2012.

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