Wednesday, 12 August 2015

The bubble has burst

The inevitable

Onward and upwards

As a writer I realised one day this moment would arrive. I am amazed it took so long to come. The bubble has burst on my sales. We're almost half way through the month, and I'm heading for my worst month for sales. My previous worst was 8 sales, at the present rate of sales I'll be lucky to surpass my first month on Barnes & Noble, when I sold 3 e-books in as many days.

With the great success of my Science Fiction series Forgestriker to keep my faint belief in my ability glowing, I am going  to attempt a novella based on my on line serial The Word. This ran as a series for 14 weeks, three years ago. 

Another ongoing project is my fantasy book Mordhiemicus. This is a Medieval story about a group of people fleeing a burning city, and fighting an evil warlord 

I'm also doing some minor stories for my own pleasure, these will be for sale at some time. 

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