Saturday, 22 August 2015


A new audience

The mood changes
 For a long time the main thrust of my blog readers were in the USA, with Russia a distant second. This week that has changed with Germany taking the lead from the USA. 

What styles?
As a writer you need to be perceptive to your audience needs, to this end I've developed a knack for picking my target markets. American readers prefer Science Fiction such as my hit series Forgestriker . 

Russian readers prefer the Noire style of my Pat Canella stories. In my opinion this is because they find the world of the spy easier to comprehend than the world of a secret agent funded by a government. Communism may have changed - old enemies become allies - but old ways are hard to break in the world of Harry Palmer

From my time in the Royal Air Force, during which I spent nearly three years in Germany; I would make the assumption that German readers would like the Sci-Fi, but from a more action-packed militaristic point-of-view than the science-based American readers.

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