Friday, 21 August 2015

Bristol's award winning writer

Awards and Sales 

What difference did it make?
Award winner
 Nearly three years have passed since my e-book won this award, and to this day, I am still amazed as to why this happened Despite being an award winner, the book is still to sell more than half a dozen copies in three years. 

 I can honestly say - and people I know will tell you the same - the award meant a lot to me, but I haven't changed. I am still the unfulfilled, insecure writer I was before the award. Winning the award has meant little to me, and hasn't changed my persona, or my life. 

 Even though the sales for the series Forgestriker keep amassing, I am still dismayed. The reason for my dismay is that despite nearly 600 sales for the series; the later books haven't sold well, with the titular book massing almost 50% of the series sales.

One of the main problems being an Indie Writer is I have to weigh out goings against the possible income from sales. This means I can't afford stunning covers - most of my covers are my own photos - or promotional expenses, which may increase sales. 

Inner Conflict
 I have been told many times that I'm a good story teller, with great imagination. This may be true, but my only proof is my sales. With one book out of over 35 selling well, to me this doesn't give a good state of affairs for my work. I keep wanting to believe, but I have no firm basis for this belief in the sales market.

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