Wednesday, 1 July 2015


Don't hold your breath

The final chapter

I know I said it before, but..
 This time is final. I decided to close the blog for good. I don't see any point in continuing writing it because for the few readers it gets, it is too much, for too little.

 When you consider the immeasurable number of people who follow the people who follow me, and I get less than a dozen blog readers from Twitter a week, it isn't worth going on. 
 G+ circles are only marginally better than Twitter, mainly because there are fewer connection, so the few who read compose a larger percentage. 

The idea of the blog was to try to get some sales for my books, considering I've been doing the blog for almost four years, and the best from Amazon is 4 sales in a month, I think it is safe to say it failed. Add to that the total failure of my award winner - Chronicles of Mark Johnson, and its sequel Wharrfemere Finale - you end up with a load of dog poo which smells.

My old blog - now out of use - got a lot of read, but there again you don't pay to read the blogs. I wonder who well it would have done if payment was required. This page has never had a lot of readers, despite being free. So, it won't be missed. 

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