Friday, 31 July 2015

The cost of writing

What you get

From the writer

 I write because I used to believe I was a good story teller, from my school days I was told I could tell good stories; I thought it would be nice if this ability made me a little money. Outside my sci-fi series Forgestriker this hasn't been the case- in fact only the first three books of the series garnered any real sales. 

 To write a page of about 300 words takes me about an hour - on a good day - and I don't get many good days these days. 

 Two of my books on Barnes & Noble have been classed as rip-offs, and one person accused me of being a fraud, and a thief. Honestly, what do you expect for $1? Checkov? 
 All I see for my hours of work is $0.60c a book, and you wonder why I feel like quitting writing.

Wells Festival of Literature
 This year would have been the third year of my entering the contest, but I have chosen not to enter. Being an award winner means nothing. Three years ago I won an award for Chronicles of Mark Johnson, the book has not sold since the award.

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