Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Will Forgestriker achieve the impossible?

A dream 
In the old days 
 When I started out, in the days when I thought I might have been better than it turned out I am, one of my personal goals was to sell ten of one  e-book in a day- folly I realise now. Over time that changed to ten a week, and now ten a month. 
 This month, I hope a two and a half year sales record will be broken. If Forgestriker sells one more copy it will be the first of my books to sell ten copies in one month. The sale will also fill another role, it will mean for the first time in  a year, I sold 20 e-books in a month-the last time was last June :)

The series
 With over 500 e-books sold across the seven book series I think I can safely say the series has been a great success for me. I still find it hard to accept that I can write so well, and sell so consistently.

Holding Richmond 
 For over two years the closest I got to ten a month was my Amazon best seller - Holding Richmond - the American Civil War/ Vampire / Alternate History short story twice sold seven in a month. This new cover was done by my friend Jesamine James.

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