Saturday, 20 June 2015

The story which won't die

Christmas 2012

THAT story lives
Christmas 2012
 The period between Christmas 2012, and New Year 2013 saw my last big sales period on Amazon, with seven sales of my horror story Holding Richmond being sold for the second time. This feat has not been repeated on any sales front, not even by my best seller Forgestriker.

June 2015
 This month's sales so far on Amazon are three, which is the most in a month since the good days of 2012. While still falling well behind the sales on Barnes & Noble they are a great improvement. 

The Old Church ghosts
 To my close friends this story is simply known as THAT story. From its inception I have never liked the story, could that be the secret to its popularity? After The ghost of St. Mary's and The Rocking Lantern the story seemed short in comparison, and I felt I was doing my friends wrong. There was always something odd to me about the story, it never felt right, and yet it is my most read ghost story. One version appears in A Spooky Fall Harvest by The Peacock Writers - the children's charity I write for.

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