Friday, 12 June 2015

The irony isn't lost on me

More than stupid
Happy unanniversary
Five years ago, on a rainy July afternoon, I did the injury to my tendon which left me disabled. This picture was taken by one of my daughters at the now disused Frenchay Hospital, Bristol. Since the accident, I regularly need to remind the Social Services that Ehlers Danloss syndrome is inherited, irreparable, and incurable. It's not like measles, there is no cure for the muscle wasting illness. 

At the beginning of July, I'll have to go before an inquest to tell them what I have told them every year since the accident. The irony this time is that two days later, I am having an operation at Southmead Hospital, Bristol, to relieve the pressure on the right ankle. The op is only a plaster to save a broken leg, within a year I expect to be in a wheelchair. I'm not displeased, when I learned about my ailment, I gave myself until 55 before I thought I would need one. This year I'm 59. If the Social Services wish to argue my case, they can, with Mr. Ian Winston, he's the top foot surgeon in the SouthWest, and deals with both Bristol soccer teams, as well as the rugby teams in this area.

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