Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Dead to the world

Out cold

Proof positive

Being disabled 
Yesterday was insulting to me; I've been classed as medically disabled for over 15 years, and yet every two years I have to prove I am disabled, even though I keep telling the various inquests and committees that my condition is only getting worse by the day.

Yesterday's trip - two hours each way - took its toll on me. When I got back home I needed to rest, and I could hardly stand. Any long trip takes it out on my system, if I go out for more than an hour I'm ill when I return, yet yesterday I needed to be out from 1130 to 1800. 

I went to bed early as I was so tired, and went into a dead sleep for ten hours. This only happens if I need to take an extra sleeping tablet to kill my pains. Even though I restrict myself to one trip a week, I still have two trips to make this week, making the total three journeys in eight days - far too much for my ankle to safely manage. This isn't including a possible trip to get evaluated for a wheelchair.

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