Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Can it be true?

Tastes in food


Can it be true?
 Can you wish for something so much that when it comes, you dislike it violently. I'm not on about the success of my books this month, this time it's food. 
 I know my appetite has changed radically with age, at one time eating dark chocolate was as likely to induce a migraine, as drinking red wine. Now I find milk chocolate too sickly at times to eat. The same goes for Coca -Cola, when Coke Zero came out I dreaded the thought of the taste changing, but now it's all I can drink. I find even Diet Coke too sweet for my taste. 

 For four generations my kin have fished the North Sea for cod. I wrote my last novella - A Sailor's Love - as a homage to the hard-working, honest fishing communities around the world. 
 For the last two weeks I have desired some fish and chips. Today I had some mackerel, and found I couldn't eat it. It isn't the taste that put my off - as it does with some people - I didn't like the fishiness. 
 Can my tastes have changed to the extent I no longer like fish - the love of fish - has been a constant in my life, or did my desire to have some fish get to the stage where it made me want the fish so badly I didn't enjoy it.

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