Monday, 4 May 2015

What happened to Patti?

The mysterious disappearance of PI Pat Canella

The enigma continues

Early reports
 Police and Army officials are not sure what happened. They can only say that Miss Canella's motorcycle was involved in an explosion, at the end of a chase. As a result of the explosion, evidence is scattered across the gulley where she was last seen. The truth may never come out, was she hit by a stray bullet from an army rifle, did she get hit by a bullet from the Colderone gang, or did the engine blow up under her? Nobody can tell. What is known is that she knew the engine was likely to explode if pushed too hard, for too long.

The best theory put forward to date is she was heading for a narrow gulley, to escape the ensuing cars, when the engine exploded. Her body hasn't been recovered yet.

Patti "Pat" Canella
 The life of Pat Canella had been an uphill struggle from the start. Never a girl to sit back, and let life drift past her in the outskirts of Ohandsworth. She had her sights set on moving to the nearby city of Middleton, to become a PI. In the early days she took a lot of derision from the men in the squad room, until the day she was forced to shoot her partner Adrian Chart- son of former cop, and suspected cop-killer, Bill Chart

Her constant fight with the Colderone gang, who owned the town of Witchborough was a well known story. She had been hell-bent on bringing them to jail since she joined the force-probably because she thought they were linked to the unsolved double murders many years ago.

 Patti's ability to connect with the dead was another well known, and respected aspect of her work, especially after contacting Bill Chart. Bill led Patti to believe that the botched Fish House raid, which left him an invalid, was a set up to catch someone powerful who was running Middleton. Rather than catching Doug Colderone, Bill & Doug had worked a plan to catch the top man but it went wrong, and Bill took the fall. To his death, Bill Chart swore he had information on the person, but he knew the person was too powerful to bring down.

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