Friday, 8 May 2015


As powerful as ever

True Crime

The secrets they hide
 Today on Twitter I was chatting - not for long - to a member of a local Freemason chapter. Believe me, they DO exist, and hold terrible powers. 

Sexual Explosions 1
 You may wonder what my erotic fantasy has to do with the Freemasons. In the story, the writer Alex describes a crime which happened. The crime did happen - I know - I was the person who reported the theft of the Roman artefact to the curator.

Two policemen
 Until the crime, the ground floor of Bristol City Museum & Art Galleries was patrolled by two ex-policeman. After the crime, one was posted out of the main museum for the last two years of his service, and the other was Promoted to Chief Security Officer for 6 months, until a  replacement could be found. The replacement - an ex-cop. There never was an independent inquiry into the theft. There will be no record of the crime, the Masons cover their tracks too well. In his 6 months as CSO, the man in question almost caused an all-out strike at the museum, and one of the staff walked the floors with a written apology from him. Yet, being a mason his job was safe.

City Museum
 I went back to the museum a few years ago, the first time since I was laid off with depression - no links, with my disability it's hard to go up stairs. I went back to show a friend around. The area in which the crime took place is now a cloakroom, if you see the pictures on line, look to the right of the back staircase. In my day it was a collection of Ancient artefacts. 

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