Friday, 17 April 2015

The mojo has gone

I am lost in a wilderness

 The driving influence for artists, a part of your essence which gives your work meaning, and life. Mine has gone.
I knew this day would arrive, I thought if A Sailor's Love doesn't attract readers I am finished. Writing the story took so much out of me, the lack of response has killed my drive, as I knew it would. 

Spirituality and belief
Friends keep telling me to hang on in there, they keep saying Your time will come, for a while I believed too; especially when Forgestriker sold so well. 
When I wrote Chronicles of Mark Johnson, I was doing 3,000 to 4,000 words- three times a week; now, I haven't done that in a month, and what is worse, I am not bothered.
I was going to enter a writing contest - a paranormal story - the work was only 1,500 words, but I can't find the inspiration. I have lots of ideas for stories, but no drive. 

A Sailor's Love
 If I complete the edits I am going to undertake this month, this will be my final project. The original took over a year to write, by the time I finish the edits I'll be done for as a writer. 

3 strikes
I always said you get three strikes - like in baseball - and this is mine. 
1- Chronicles of Mark Johnson.
2-Wharfemere Finale (the sequel)
3-A Sailor's Love.

That isn't counting my first big selection - Pat Canella - The Dockland Murders

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