Wednesday, 22 April 2015

The day of my best sellers

Jazz, and my top titles

Cheltenham jazz festival
Jazz festivals
 Years ago, when I was able to travel, I used to frequent various music festivals in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. One of my favourites was the International Jazz Festival held in late April. Among the guests I saw perform were Ornette Coleman, Jane Monheit, Ingrid Laubrook, Silje Nergaard, Clare Tobin, and the late Steve Lacy in what was probably his last performance before dying of cancer. 

Ghosts of jazz
 My short story isn't about the main stage setters, but about a little venue you could miss easily. To the US readers it would be like going to an old-fashioned speak-easy, where jazz was played behind closed doors. The theme of the story is about a club where the patrons set the music to their own styles, two people could see the same performers but hear different tunes played. In the Twilight Zone, you hear what you wish to hear. 

 My top selling book needs little introduction, other than to say it is now on Googlebooks, and has sold over 130 copies in 15 months.

Holding Richmond
 By grace of selling two spells of seven books, this book remains - and probably will remain - my Amazon best seller The alternate history story of the American Civil War battle over the city of Richmond is mixed with a vampiric tale of horror- not for fans of Twilight, think of the German 1920's classic horror film Nosferatu.

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