Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Haunted by her past

Pat Canella

Death follows in her footsteps

Patti "Pat" Canella
 When I wrote the original stories there were a few sales; the second book sold three copies the night it came out, and then died. 
I did start to write another book in the series entitled Haunted by her past, but as interest died off I benched the series. Despite the series getting high praises from a former Queensland police sergeant. 
With the new interest in the stories on Google books, I am going to rewrite the next stories. Be warned, these gave me the creeps, and I knew what to expect. 
Part of the reason for the feeling came from writing the second book of the award winning Chronicles of Mark Johnson series at the same time. I considered a crossover book at one time.

To find out what Patti's secrets are, read the early books.

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