Monday, 27 April 2015

Google news

Another good move

Pat Canella
 Prior to this month, my PI stories had lain dead in the water for nearly four years - since the release of Ghosts of your past - two weeks ago I put them on Googlebooks, and they've been selling like coffee on a cold December day. 

Horses for courses
 I think certain genres sell well on different markets. Forgestriker is doing great on Barnes and Noble, and it would appear that my PI Noir thrillers have found their home on Google. 

Haunted by her past
 Shortly after I wrote Ghosts of your past I started a third book in the series, but with few sales, until this month I put it aside and moved on. With the growing popularity of the series, I am considering continuing with the themes in the series. Be warned, this new episode is creepy, the stories gave me the creeps, and I was writing them.

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