Wednesday, 8 April 2015

An e-book a day

Feeling pleased 
I realise in the bigger picture, one sale a day means little, but to me it means a lot. I can't thank my readers too much.

I am not quite up to one-a-day, but almost. I usually set a sales (not including freebies) target of 10 a month. With a target of between two or three sales a week, the sales this month (6) have me a week ahead of schedule.

Don't forget, other than the hit sci-fi series Forgestriker, there is the award winning Chronicles of Mark Johnson, the Amazon best seller Holding Richmond, my Noir thriller Pat Canella- The Dockland Murders, and my spiritual romance A Sailor's Love. All the books are available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Kobo.

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