Friday, 3 April 2015

I don't blow my own trumpet enough

A writer's profile

Alan Place 
" I don't blow my own trumpet enough,"  a comment often said to me by my friends, and it is true. I am naturally a reclusive person, and too often shun the spotlight I deserve. 
 Today, I will try to give myself a little praise, and also give you an insight into my works.
 Two and a half years ago, I had the honor of one of my books being awarded the certificate of excellence by the US non-profit organization

Chronicles of Mark Johnson
  The story started out its life after seeing Lorraine Kelly complain on TV about having to cross the desert. Like many of her friends, she never thought of the poor camera crews who haul the cameras so her fans can see her.  I wrote the book as a tribute to the unsung heroes the men & women who take the shots, and films but never get the credit for all their work.

The writer
 Although the award was for a speculative fiction story, my writing covers many genres 

 My hit US sci-fi series is as much an amazement to me as to anyone. Until last year, I had not written any sci-fi stories, and thought with most of the Barnes & Noble sales outlets being in higher education establishments, I wouldn't be able to sell any e-books. Boy, was I wrong - and in a BIG way - the title book has sold over 350 copies, and the series has sold over 800 copies

New directions
In May 2018, I was offered the opportunity of having my romance
Published by I can tell you that nobody is more surprised than me, that, first of all, I could see my book in print and that I am selling e-books as a romance writer.

This is a review from a reader in the USA - 
From reader Keith Parish in the USA:
Alan, as for me, I *very much* enjoyed one of your ebooks (I went to the Amazon link you reference in this post, and bought and read *A Homecoming* yesterday afternoon).
I only have two regrets. First is that I only just now was sent across your path in this life, and second is that I don't know how Jehoiakim's story ends. Rats!! I most certainly did *not* want it to end.
I so very much like his character, what he is trying to do and his struggle to fully understand and embrace what his mission is. It is a good story, Alan and a good start to what I would be willing to bet is still in your head as to what you would really *like* to write about his adventures, his loves, and his nation's struggle to survive (*again*) against all odds. One more thing before I close.

You don't need to worry that you "won't make a difference now" because you already have. You gave me a pleasant couple of hours yesterday as I followed Kim from his office through Milan, to Tel Aviv, and finally Eilat. I could picture the mystery woman (she is beautiful) and feel the grit of the sand on the beach. You have inspired me to find a great story and then, just . . .

Write. (I have never written fiction before.)

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