Friday, 24 April 2015

A great month

April 2015

 Last year it was joining Draft2Digital which saved me from quitting writing. This year's big improvement is joining Googlebooks. I did check out the site three years ago, but at the time I would have had to pay to join, and not making $1 a month on Amazon - nothing has changed - it didn't make economic sense. 

May - June 2014 
 Last year, I had two exceptional months when sales almost gave me back-to-back $20 months (May $22 / June $18.50). This year it is looking like a reversal, with last month paying $19.09c, and this month, with a week remaining looking at over $20.

Pat Canella
 One of the most pleasing things about the sales, apart from the continued success of the Forgestriker series, is the emergence of the Pat Canella stories The Dockland Murders and Ghosts of your past. They are doing so well, I may be tempted to bring out the next book, which is more eerie than Chronicles. 
 Of all things to get ideas from, I got the main theme from listening to Mary Youngblood playing the native American flute in the Moaning cave.

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