Monday, 13 April 2015

A disabled writer

A disabled writer

 As a rule, I don't make a big thing about my disability. I inherited from my mother, and there is nothing I can do about the matter. This is a muscle wasting ailment, which gives the victim no support for their joints. 
I am not in the cast now, but I need to wear a support boot at all times. My disability is so severe I can't walk more than three or four steps unaided.

 Like many sufferers of various disabilities we are being targeted by the government to help them raise taxes. We get a pittance on DLA/PIP and now we are made to pay for our disability. Being disabled is a medical issue, like many others in my situation, we never asked for, or made a choice about what we have.

Life choices
 If the government wish to raise taxes, why not put the price of beer up? I am sure the nursing staff would love to get less abusive/violent behaviour during their shifts. Why should these kind people who choose to care for people who suffer be forced to endure disgusting behaviour at work? You wouldn't, so why should the doctors and nurses?
Another way to help the hospitals, is to make junkies pay for the service; again this is a life a choice. During my service days I was offered drugs twice in Amsterdam, and I refused. 
By hitting these groups, not only will the government raise taxes, but they'll cut down on the hospital waiting lists radically.

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