Friday, 25 April 2014

Laid before the Altar of the Scriptures

A post dedicated to all the people who said they would buy my books, and didn't.

Ye, thou thee stand before Altar of the Scriptures and utter falsehoods of purchase. I care not for your utterances, as I know they are falsehoods. 

In English
Yet again, I got lied to. I was asked if my books were for sale, and I provided the links. However, even as I sent the reply my mind told me the lady lied. She never had any intentions of buying my work. 
 After 3 years, your pitiful lies don't hurt. The sad part is there might be people who are genuine, but those who lied have made me distrust anybody who asks me for the links.
 The fun part is that I find it amusing you think the lies do hurt. Pain hurts if you believe the person. I no longer believe anybody who asks.

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