Sunday, 9 February 2014

The good version

 A few days ago this was released on Amazon, I don't advise you to get this copy as it won't be as well edited as the Draft2Digital version, which I hope to issue by the end of the month. 

Why distribute inferior work to Amazon, you say?
 The answer lies with the facts that first of all with having books on the retail giant for years which have not sold - why should I bother with them? And also, I no longer care what happens to my ratings, the books never sell on there. They are as useful to me as Kobo. 
In over three years discounting Holding Richmond I have sold about 30 books and seen only $11.Out of the sales of books deduct 13 for Nerja and 11 for Did we see him? and you can see why I left the site. 
As I stated a few days ago, this is (!) my last book on Amazon, so, why should I care if it rockets or bombs out?

 D2D is not the reason for leaving Amazon, as previously I was willing to sell my work through Paypal via my blog as early as the beginning of 2012.
The bottom line here is that stories on D2D are worth getting, as they have been re-edited to the best of my ability.

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