Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Phil and Mark

   Older readers will recognise the face which thrilled us in the 70s. The face is Darren McGavin and the series was Kochak: The Night Stalker. 

It was the portrayal of the lonely and misunderstood news hound who tracked demons in Chicago's alleys which inspired me to the series as did the creation of my alter ego Mark.

 Like Carl Kolchak, Phil Moore works in a dark and dust atmosphere which comes into play later in book 3, when strange things begin to happen.

 Although not as visual as any of the others, Phil's role as Mark's best friend and contact with the outside world is vital to the series. Mark and he go back to their college days -- even if they did separate for a while -- when Mark went on a sojourn to Australia and Phil was contacted by P A Canella about some strange items. 

In books 2 & 3 we come across all types of wonderful weapons and it is Phil's task to keep Mark in one piece. While his mind goes deeper into the darker regions of his soul after Annette betrays Mark's love. 
If you read book 2 you'll notice how the friends worry over Mark's dark periods and again it's Phil who is left in the dark but has to pick up the pieces.
 At the point when Mark takes Annette hostage, it is Phil's role to convince the police that Mark is not (!)  psychotic but is perfectly in control of the situation and capable of killing her with no feelings of remorse -- such is his hatred -- at the end of book 2, we are left wondering what lies ahead for Mark.

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