Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Happy Anniversary

  Happy Anniversary- ETA Feb 8th

 Yes, hard as it is to believe, it is almost a year since I started to change a 1,500 word short into this work of fiction. When I began, I considered 5,000 words a good target but as the characters grew on me, I knew the story needed more depth and that is what has happened. The end total will be close to 38,000 words making this book larger than both Chronicles books put together.

 By my estimate the book should be ready in two or three days. 

 When Julia sent it back for edits -- I won't lie -- I was heart-broken. At the time it had taken almost a year and I hoped for a rest after editing book 2 of Chronicles for several months but Julia was right, the book was not ready for show.

I feel like a marathon runner as he crosses the line, with only the final lap to go. 
I won't deny it, there were times when I would happily have closed the book and moved on with the book unfinished. Even the hopes of another award were not enough at times as the task loomed large and the book appeared to haunt me, as Helmut's and Ian's deaths haunt Jannine in the story.

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