Sunday, 2 February 2014

Alan Place, Indie Author

 On my Facebook page  @ I am running a series of articles with the intent to let readers know what goes on behind the scenes when I write. This is more to try and give you an idea of what is involved in writing the books and how they develop -- true, a boost in sales would be nice -- but the page is more for information than a book pushing blog.  With that in mind, today's post is about the history of the "Forgestriker"  which is currently my top selling book on Draft2Digital. The series goes back to the beginning of 2012, when in my ignorance I had dreams of getting a book in the Warhammer 40K store run by Black Library in Nottingham, UK. 

The scenario was for a group of soldiers from the Blood Angels chapter "Sons of Baal" to return from the past with stories of how they survived and the chance to clear the names of their fallen. However, as time went on and  realised this was a forlorn hope. I changed my format from a group of super-soldiers to a band of ordinary soldiers with ordinary fears stranded in dead space and with no hope of getting back to Baal -- their homeland -- hence Mal Hendricks taking off his badges of rank and becoming a grunt. 

The second book in the series "Forgestriker" tells what happened when the group arrived at D2 AKA "The Dead Station." Why did a space station reportedly dead suddenly beckon them? And who or what is on there? Read the book and be scared. 

 As there is interest in this series on B&N, I will be writing the third book in the series, which will be called "Return of the Lost."

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