Monday, 10 February 2014

A blogger not a writer!

To my way of thinking I have gone down hill fast over the last year. While Julia, my editor, is pleased my blog gets over 200 readers a day. The crux of the matter is that I usually put out 7 or 8 blogs. This brings the average readership down to below 30 per blog. Even a teen chatting about TV or cinema gets more than that. 

My writing has suffered badly too -- not that you care -- as I am struggling to complete a short anthology piece, of a length I could turn out four time a week before.

I don't consider bloging as writing, to me it's little better than Tweeting and as destructive to the creative mind. These days we blog, whereas in olden days they wrote letters.

I wonder if in years to come our blogs will be read in the same way, as people read letters by Proust or George Elliot these days.

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