Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Writer's retreat

Over the past three years, I have read about the lovely houses and gardens which inspire some writers and all the time, I have been stuck writing in a room no larger than a prison cell which I share with a washing machine and tumble drier and half of my space is used as a general storage cabin, so, I have a space a little larger than a bed in which to work.

Although not how I imagined Mark Johnson's house in Chronicles; the small house on the left of the castle remains -- the museum of gunnery -- would suit my purposes well. It is a two level building with an open area in the front large enough for two NFL pitches and looks out on the North Sea. I am sure I could be very happy on the North Yorkshire coast which I love so much and feature in my stories.

 The house is in Scarborough, which is where I loosely base my Chronicles stories.
 It was during my last visit to Scarborough that I felt the urge to try and write seriously, the sea air is so invigorating for my soul and gave me lots of ideas and energy to write. The only time I was as motivated was when I became disabled and bed bound, at that time I was writing two or three 3,500 word stories every week from June to September 2011 and I was so possesses by the need to write, my friends had to tell me to stop and take a few days off.

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