Monday, 20 January 2014

What to do next

There comes a time in the life of a book and of a writer, when the icy winds of realisation overtake the fires of enthusiasm and I feel I have reached that point in my journey. It is the section where you think you are going forward and yet there is no proof other than your continual movement.

I keep getting told that I am a great story teller and that my writing has improved a lot in the last year but the sales figures don't show any improvement or signs of improvement, despite the great start to the year things have slipped back to normal. While some people are happy to read my work for free, nobody is prepared to spare a few nickels and dimes for hours of work, and I have reached the point where I don't really care any more.

I will leave the books on Amazon which are there now but I doubt I shall put more on as nobody cares about my work and I am worth something, so, I shall write for the one or two people I know enjoyed the stories I wrote.

Most of my time will be freed and that leaves me time to read and play my two PS3 games.


There was a rumour that my star might be rising this year but why leave at a time when I might be doing good? Because, I am good but nobody else cares about it, so, why should I try to stay around when you can read all the zombie books you wish.

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