Tuesday, 21 January 2014

The Writer

I knew when I started this project that it would be demanding but I thought I may get some hope I was moving by seeing a few sales, this never happened as all I had to endure was the endless reading of the successes of others -- some not as good as me -- as my writing struggled to surface in the morass of puerile reading which has come to dominate the mind of the masses. From zombies to cheap porn hits.

I tried to bring new reading to the readers but you cannot turn back a culture fed on a 40 year old genre, which has nothing at all to do with the subject matter and yet thrives.

The dream which fed and fired a schoolboy's heart has turned to ice, and in the cold reality of writing I have come to realise that as good at telling stories as I am, nobody cares about what I write. Why should I care about writing?

 I had my moment of glory when Chronicles won this award, I was going to enter another story for the award this year but perhaps I won't now as I don't feel good about many things.
 I have a story in the Merrill Collection Sci-Fi contest, which my editor, Julia, thinks is good, this will be my encore' piece.

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